With gratitude:

This work is dedicated to:

  • Kindly Charlie Hardy, who introduced me to the AMC huts in my youth;
  • Intrepid Annie and our 42 day walk among the mountains and huts of Europe; and
  • Laughing Laurel, my partner and muse in walks long and short, near and far, and for years to come.

For the generous support from many people in getting this site going.  In particular, I am grateful for the wise counsel of Paul Cunha, Ben Dodge, Kelly Ryan, RJ Thompson and many others in the hut community.

For the kindness of many, many writers, photographers, librarians and archivists, colleagues, and wise professionals in diverse fields: for writing for us; for freely sharing their photographs, perspectives, and expertise; for believing in the idea of researching huts; and for contributing to this site!

For Carleton College for support to hire student research assistants whose good work has made it possible to get this site up and running.

For Kera Ling’s creative work on the logo design: the young Refugia — goddess of huts and inspiration of hut-to-hut travel — who will keep on truckin’ with the site as it grows and develops.