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Exploring the world of trails, huts and other shelter systems (e.g. inns, B&B's, hostels, cabins, yurts, tents, pods, tree houses, caves, etc.) supporting long distance walkers & skiers → how they operate around the world → honoring & learning from the people who start & operate them → building international community and conversation → towards a sustainable, environmentally sensitive outdoor accommodations & education infrastructure for USA → all in service to cultivating environmental education and a broad-based ethos of biophilia through immersive experiences in the natural world.

Sutherlands Hut, built 1860's - a former boundary keepers hut
Waipakihi Hut, Lockwood style architecture, NZ Forest Service
Dolent Hut, Swiss Alpine Club. Photo courtesy Marcon Volken.
Blue Range Hut built by Masterton Tramping Club in 1958
Asbestos Hut, mining hut, 1914, for 36 years the home of two lovers who exiled themselves here to escape unhappy marriages.
Red Hut, built by Rodolf Wigley, tourism pioneer and entrepreneur, c. 1916
Frew Saddle Bivouac, two bunk bivvy built for NZ Forest Service deer cullers
Associated with the 1966-67 Freedom Walks on Milford Track
Tarn Ridge Hut, 16 bunk replacement high mountain built by DOC
Sutherlands Hut, interior
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Hut Systems Map of Americas


h2h’s modest mapping experiment starts with the USA, and then, with your help, will include Canada, Mexico, and Central & South America.  We are mapping the hut systems only, i.e.: 

huts (cabins, yurts and lodges) intentionally connected by trails and designed to be visited in a sequence over a period of days by walking, skiing, or biking .

We are not trying to map individual huts and shelters, climbers huts, and other stand-alone, unconnected facilities.  We will explore coordinating efforts with some of the  others who are mapping and listing huts.

Check out the map below and follow the map marker links to the web sites of hut systems.   Submit a map marker for North or South American for the hut systems we haven’t marked yet.



mapped_huts_icon  Huts systems already mapped — Rather than duplicate the work of others, we will provide a marker and a link to existing web maps in our geographic scope, e.g. Colorado, and beyond, e.g. Norway & New Zealand.

hiking    Hut or Yurt System — Enclosed refuges connected by trail system, usually with some form of food (or cooking facilities) and lodging.  Level of amenities varies greatly.


home Shelter System — Often three sided shelters,  for example shelters along the  Appalachian Trail, but can be of various designs, for example those on the Long Trail in Vermont. Food and beds usually not provided; connected by a trail.

hut    Huts, Lodges, Cabins, and Yurts — A wide range of structure and accommodation types which are not connected by a trail system.  These are generally out of scope for us, but we will map a few that we think represent interesting types or trends we wish to follow.

These categories overlap somewhat and it can be tricky to accurately categorize a system.  Markers give the approximate location of the huts or hut systems, or the location of the associated group’s headquarters.

Note: The map markers are not geographically precise.  They are certainly no substitute for good maps or for navigational purposes.  Consult the website included in the map marker for more precise details about number and location of huts, their amenities, reservations, etc.