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Exploring the world of trails, huts and other shelter systems (e.g. inns, B&B's, hostels, cabins, yurts, tents, pods, tree houses, caves, etc.) supporting long distance walkers & skiers → how they operate around the world → honoring & learning from the people who start & operate them → building international community and conversation → towards a sustainable, environmentally sensitive outdoor accommodations & education infrastructure for USA → all in service to cultivating environmental education and a broad-based ethos of biophilia through immersive experiences in the natural world.

Associated with the 1966-67 Freedom Walks on Milford Track
Ivory Lake Hut, a science hut constructed to support a team of glaciologists and hydrologists studying this retreating glacier.
Blue Range Hut built by Masterton Tramping Club in 1958
Asbestos Hut, mining hut, 1914, for 36 years the home of two lovers who exiled themselves here to escape unhappy marriages.
Broome Hut In Summer - D Maddox photo
Sign of the Packhorse Hut, government built (1916) tourism and climbing hut, originally built as one of four backcountry teahouses.
Sutherlands Hut, built 1860's - a former boundary keepers hut
Frew Saddle Bivouac, two bunk bivvy built for NZ Forest Service deer cullers
Waipakihi Hut, Lockwood style architecture, NZ Forest Service
Tarn Ridge Hut, 16 bunk replacement high mountain built by DOC
Roaring Stag Lodge II, originally built by a club, NZ Deerstalkers Association, over a period of four years.  Rebuilt by DOC in 2005.
Sutherlands Hut, interior
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Our Hut Systems Map of North and South America focuses on hut systems in North and South America.  By hut systems, we mean: huts (cabins, yurts and lodges) that are intentionally connected by trails and designed to be visited (by walking, skiing, or biking) in a sequence over a period of days.  We are not trying to map individual huts and shelters, climbers huts, and other stand-alone, unconnected facilities.

In addition please send us information about existing hut maps and lists beyond North and South American that others have compiled.  We want to learn about these and may make map markers for some as well.

Help us build our map of hut systems and our knowledge of what others are doing:

GPS coordinates for location, using only numbers and a decimal, not degrees and minutes. Latitude first (insert a comma), then Longitude*
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