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Hut Log Books: illustrations from AMC huts

“The Art of the Huts” is a fun article by Roger Sheffer, reprinted with permission from Appalachia, June 2000.  I enjoy perusing hut log books.  While they mostly contain fairly banal expressions of appreciation of the hut experience, some are very clever and others are quite moving.  And occasionally there are some wonderful illustrations.  Roger Sheffer compiled some illustrations from AMC hut logbooks and makes some interesting comments on the genre.  I am always interested in examples “hut art” of all kinds — high and low, written, visual, performative or sculptural — and welcome your submissions and leads. — Sam Demas

Read the article: “Art of the Huts” by Roger Sheffer from Appalachia 2002

Watercolors of huts and an illustrated trail map

[I met Paula Christen while visiting Methow Valley trails, where she works, and was taken with her work in illustrating a trail brochure and her lovely watercolors of huts and cabins.  I requested the post below about these, see images following text!]

Paula Christen Watercolors —The Sa Teekh Wa trail painting series:

Trailside art is nothing new. Beautiful examples of sculpture or monuments are found in almost any city green space or park walk. Often however, the art doesn’t connect or relate to it’s surroundings. Nature just provided a nice “frame” for the creation.

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Art on the New England Trail

by Charles Tracy, National Park Service.

In my work on community-based, regional and long-distance trails for the National Park Service, I have found that working with artists is an effective way to draw new visitors and to deepen the experience of current trail users. Connecting with new audiences to national parks and national trails through art is also recognized by the National Park Service as the “Arts Afire” national strategy in our recent “Call to Action”–plan for the NPS Centennial in 2016. The “Arts Afire” strategy is to “showcase the meaning of parks and trails to new audiences through dance, music, visual arts, writing, and social media.

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