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Where are the huts? Creating maps and lists

How many huts exist and where are they?

We are experimenting with a modest project: Hut Systems Map of North and South America.  Our map initiative is just one of many.  We hope to coordinate our work with that of some of the growing number of hut mapping and listing projects worldwide.  Some are focused on a particular state, region or nation, while others global in scope.  Following are some initial examples to provide a sense of the range.  We will add others as we learn about them.

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How do huts operate? Lets find out: help us write “operational profiles”

A few people around the nation know a great deal about how hut systems operate.  But in the U.S. there is very little written about how hut systems are designed, built, and operated.  Almost nothing is known about the economics and demographics of hut systems.  And, other than the Colorado Hut and Yurt Alliance, there are no formal mechanisms for information exchange among those who do know.  This will need to change if we are to learn from each other, develop “best practices” and ensure that hut systems are operating optimally for their clients, for their owners, and for environmental protection.

h2h aims to stimulate activity in filling this gap in the nation’s knowledge base by publishing “operational profiles”.  We are at the beginning of this process and have three so far:

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