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Shelters for Hunters by Daniel Chabert

Shelters for Hunters Who Are Out For Days

by Daniel Chabert; Photos Courtesy of Author

Safe house or shelter is the top need for any hunter who will be out in the wild for days or in most survival crises. Extreme climate conditions can kill within a few hours if you don’t have some sort of safe house to guard you from the elements.

A survivor is somebody who prepares to live as healthy and safe as could be expected under the circumstances when life a long way from home doesn’t go precisely as planned. Preparing to survive starts with trying to understand what you have to prepare for. You can live days without water and weeks with no food. Continue reading

Shikoku Pilgrim Shelters – vernacular hut architecture

Check out these pictures of a form of vernacular architecture for pilgrims!  My acupuncturist friend Kazuhiro Watase returns to Japan every year for a pilgrimage walk.  Turning 60 this year he is treating himself to three walks!  Knowing of my interest in huts and shelters he kindly sent me photographs of some of the very simple shelters along the Shikoku Pilgrimage, where most pilgrims stay in one of the 88 temples visited on the walk, or in local guest houses.  On his next walk he will send pictures of the temples and guest houses.

These simple shelters are for those looking for  free places for resting and sleeping  The are mostly open-air shelters.  Most do not have running water, mattresses, or other amenities, but are perfect for backpackers.  The shelters are cared for by locals and other pilgrims.

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