Editorial Guidelines

See our Mission Statement and consider the following when working on a piece for us: 

  1. Content – We publish blog posts of up to 700 words, articles of up to 2,000 words, and detailed operational profiles of existing hut systems. We also create photo galleries of hut systems and publish brief trip reports.  See scope statement for more detail.
  2. Audience – The primary audience is people designing, building, managing, or dreaming about hut systems.  A secondary audience is users of hut systems looking for interesting leads on where to go and deeper context for appreciating the hut experience.
  3. Scope – Topics concerned with hut and trail systems in their historical, social, economic, political, environmental, and literary contexts. Categories include: news; operations; design; people; educational role; environmental impact; book reviews; literary, artistic and spiritual expressions; imaginative rethinking of huts and hut systems; trip reports; and essays on long distance human-powered movement through the landscape.  See scope statement for more detail on the categories.
  4. Tone of voice
    1. Clear writing, substantive content, and a civil tone is essential.
    2. Writing that encourages civil discourse and acknowledges and tolerates differing viewpoints sets the right tone.
    3. Both journalistic writing and an informal style are fine.
    4. Use of bullet points and lists to aid the reader in quickly absorbing the content of your article or post is acceptable.
    5. While research content is encouraged, overly academic writing can be a bother to read and should be avoided.
    6. Self promotion is not the purpose of our posts and articles.
  5. Editorial process
    1. Submissions – Send ideas for articles or attach finished pieces that meet these guidelines.
    2. Deadlines – Final versions of submissions accepted are due on the 15th day of each month.  New content will be posted monthly, usually on or about the first day of the month.
    3. Review process –  One or more members of our informal editorial team will review the piece for substance and fit with scope.  Only minor copy editing will be done.  If a piece needs more work, structurally, grammatically, or otherwise, it will be returned with suggestions.
  6. Editorial details
    1. File format for text – word, pages, &  pdf
    2. File format for images – jpg & jpeg
    3. Word count – Blog posts should be 700 words or less.  Articles may be long form, but generally not more than 2,000 words.  Talk to use about longer pieces.  Proposals for articles should state the intended length.
  7. Reprint, linking, and re-posting policies:
    1. Reprint: with permission from rights holders, we reprint content from other sites and publications.  We always acknowledge the source of earlier publication and link to it where possible.
    2. Linking: Posts and articles with links out to relevant content are fine, as long as the purpose is not blatantly self-promotional. Linking to related posts within hut2hut.info can sometimes help to build a conversational thread on a topic.
    3. Re-posting: Yes, we accept reposts of content from other sites and blogs.  And yes, you may repost on other sites any content you have published on hut2hut.info. Please let us know if you do.
  8. Intellectual property – We are committed to respecting and acknowledging the rights of authors, photographers, and other creative artists. We also are committed to sharing information freely. Unless specified otherwise, the work on this site treated as if it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
  9. Images – If you submit photos, please:
    1. be sure you have the right to post these images;
    2. label your pictures with the attribution/credit information you wish to have displayed;
    3. include information on rights holder/photographer, either as a caption or on image, e.g.:
      1. Photo courtesy of {insert name of photographer or organization granting permission}, or
      2. © {insert name of rights holder}.
    4. submit in jpeg format;
    5. size photographs for web publication, generally less than 1MB files.
    6. if your photo is to be used in our slider featuring huts and trails:
      1. We prefer photos of 685 x 300 pixels
      2. If it is a photo of a hut, include on the image, in this order:
        1. The name of the hut system or the geographic location if not part of a system;
        2. The name of the hut
        3. The name of the photographer or rights holder (see 10.3 above).
    7. If you have questions about labeling your images, call or email so you can send them to us in a manner that meets our mutual needs.