Operational Profiles

Hut operations

Purpose: These profiles of hut operations are to systematically gather operational information and lessons learned from existing hut systems worldwide. The intended audience is people designing, building and operating hut systems. To begin, the site will mainly contain information compiled by Sam Demas through site visits, interviews, and reading. However, the hope is that it will become a community-built resource (i.e. a kind of Wikipedia) maintained and populated by those who actually operate hut systems. The aim is to develop a pattern language of hut experience and operations revealing:

  • interesting ideas, unique circumstances and characteristics, and operational details of individual hut systems; and
  • differences, patterns and best practices that might emerge in looking across hut systems (this will only be possible when we have a critical mass of profiles).

These profiles will naturally include some material already available on the web site of each hut system. But the intent is to supplement the hut system’s local web site with background information on:

  • how and why the particular hut system came to be,
  • how it operates today,
  • how it reflects local conditions and culture,
  • how, by whom, and how much it is used,
  • what it has learned through experience, and
  • the challenges and opportunities it faces

Operational profiles completed so far (by Sam Demas unless otherwise noted):

10th Mountain Division Huts

Appalachian Mountain Club Huts

DNT – Rondvassbu Hut by Mac Murphy

Green Mountain Club

Mt. Tahoma Trails Association

San Juan Huts

Maine Huts and Trails

Cascade Huts

Three Sisters Backcountry Huts 

Sun Valley Trekking

Submitting Operational Profiles are Developed: If you are interested in working on an Operational Profile for your hut system, email Sam Demas at sdemas@carleton.edu.