Suggest Map Marker

Our Hut Systems Map of North and South America focuses on hut systems in North and South America. By hut systems, we mean: three or more huts (cabins, yurts and lodges)that are intentionally connected by trails and designed to be visited (by walking, skiing, or biking) in a sequence over a period of days. We are not trying to map individual huts and shelters, climbers huts, and other stand-alone, unconnected facilities.

Suggest a Map Marker by Contacting Us with the following information:

  • Your name
  • GPS coordinates for location: Using only numbers and a decimal, not degrees and minutes. Latitude first (insert a comma), then Longitude
  • Address: If this is for a hut system, provide the address for the headquarters of the system, not each hut
  • Nature of the Hut or Hut System:
    • Hut systems for a state or nation already mapped on the web
  • Website for the hut or hut system
  • Description or Comments

In addition please send us information about existing hut maps and lists beyond North and South American that others have compiled. We want to learn about these and may make map markers for some as well. Help us build our map of hut systems and our knowledge of what others are doing.