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Grand Huts Association: $100,000 expansion grant

Congratulations!  According to an article in the SkyHiDaily News,  a major grant from private donors will help fund the second hut in The Grand Huts Association.

Their first hut (the Broome Hut pictured here), which took 15 years to get permitted and built, was completed in 2012 at a cost of $400,000.  Located in a remote location with excellent back country skiing, materials were delivered to the site by helicopter.  The hut is very popular and operates close to full capacity in winter and at about half-capacity in summer.  Located on US Forest Service Land near Winter Park Colorado, the Grand Huts association hopes to eventually grow to 5-7 huts, creating a hut-to-hut system from Berthoud Pass to Grand Lake in Grand County.

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Alpine huts for Scotland? News of a possible pilot project…


Larig Leacach Bothy Courtesy Wikipedia

Is Scotland missing out on a key mountain tourism niche?

The Ramblers in Scotland think this may be true, and are proposing a pilot project to test this assumption.

While the Scots have “Bothies” — unimproved  backpacker shelters — European-style huts are not part of the accommodations infrastructure for walkers in Scotland, Wales, England.  They rely on a robust network of B&B’s and hostels.  This leaves gaps in mountainous regions.

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News: Economic impact of hut-to-hut systems

Most hut systems aspire to document their economic impact in the area in which they operate.   But its hard to do without professional help, which most systems can’t afford.   Recently I ran across two very good economic analyses, about which there will be an article in the new year.

Meanwhile, check out the recent work of the Appalachian Mountain Club  “Economic Impact of the Appalachian Club’s Huts and Lodges in New Hampshire“, and the latest in a series of serious analyses statements done over the years by the Methow Trails “Economic Impacts of Methow Trails“.

It seems there is a need for an economic impact template focused on huts and trails that can be adapted for use locally by hut system managers.  But thats another topic!

Sam Demas

HutNews October 2015

(Alaska Huts Logo, used with permission)


Informal reports from the Appalachian Mountain Club Huts, 10th Mountain Division Huts, and San Juan Hut Systems indicate that demand for their services is strong and usage continues to increase.  AMC and 10MD report occupancy rates are up approximately 4%-5% over last year.  AMC huts are experiencing their third year in a row of record occupancy.  they are on track to beat last years record of 43,000 visitors by up to 3,000 more visitors.  AMC and SJH are thinking about how to meet the growing demand, and expansion plans are under consideration.

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The Diverse Huts of the Swiss Alpine Club — essay by Marco Volken and Remo Kundert

“The SAC huts are open to all and serve as a meeting place for a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. They are both objects of identification for members and an important infrastructure for alpine tourism.” This is how the Swiss Alpine Club summarizes the purpose of its huts in its 2006 hut regulations.

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