explores huts and & types of shelter systems; our mission is ….  

  • research and information exchange about shelter systems world-wide,
  • to build community around the future of shelter systems for long distance human-powered travelers, and
  • to stimulate and inform a conversation about the roles, challenges, and opportunities for hut systems as environmentally sound infrastructure for environmental education and outdoor recreation in the USA.

New Monte Rosa Hut from hut2hutArticles, News, Book Reviews, and More

Over 110 articles on all aspects of hut2hut and other shelter systems for long distance, human powered travelers.  Includes all posts in the order they were posted. 

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Three Sisters Backcountry Huts from hut2hutOperational Profiles

A unique, in-depth source on how USA hut2hut systems actually operate.

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Aarbiwak Hut, Swiss Alpine Club from hut2hutTrip Reports

Illustrated accounts of long distance hut2hut trips from the field.

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Hut systems, Map of the Americas, from hut2hutHut Systems of the World

Map of the Americas, new hut systems planned, photo galleries , and links and lists of global other shelter systems.

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Country Studies, Ireland, Blind Piper Pub, Ireland from hut2hutCountry Studies

Research reports to enable comparative study of how different cultures support long distance human powered travelers….only one so far: Ireland, which uses B&B’s and hostels!

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